Gardens in the Home: How to Bring Beautiful Garden Inspiration Into Your Space


With spring on the way, I start to think about the gardens I have visited over the years.

How important nature’s beauty is to my peace of mind and my feeling of connection to my home. Now is the perfect time for me to introduce colorful p

lants and fresh cut flowers into the design scheme of where I spend time with family and friends…and alone.

Dreaming of Gardens in Italy

In my early twenties, I spent several months living in Rome, Italy, at the Villa Medici. At this time it was the Academia di Francia, and I was the guest of the great artist Balthus & his lovely wife Setsuko. What a dream to stay in this incredible 16th century property with fabulous gardens contiguous with the Borghese gardens. Every day these gardens of elegant, tall cypress and pine trees sheltering the plantings beneath them gave all who saw them a lift to the spirits. You couldn’t escape feeling better about everything when walking about these gardens.

Bringing Italian Gardens to You

Now I can’t have the Medici or Borghese gardens in my home; or for that matter, outside my home either. But, what I can do is enhance my own world with the beauty of nature. So, off I take myself to a small and very charming garden shop called Brambles in Belfast, Maine.

I find some luscious, fat pussy willows; I find some bright and colorful primroses along with owner Lisa’s suggestions of green ferny looking things; and also some ivy and I am off to a good start! A hydrangea or two will add another dimension to my mix, along with some delicate pansies.

Knowing that I personally never have enough containers I use soup tureens, casserole dishes, and a large pottery salad bowl. These can all be lined and if you need help Lisa is happy to lend an artistic hand. At your local florist or nursery there lurks behind some potted plant someone to help you too. Not only is this fun, but you will add color and life to your home!

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March 22nd, 2013 by Leslie Curtis

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