A Life Beautifully Woven

A life beautifully woven - Maine Home & DesignShowcased in this issue of Maine Home + Design Magazine, Leslie Curtis’s eclectic design style really shines through.

She has the unique ability of incorporating unexpected touches into every design she creates: from combining a client’s favorite treasures with luxurious finishings; family heirlooms with modern designs; and seemingly silly objects with sentimental value with ornate furnishings.

As the article mentions, Leslie truly believes “modest beauty and simply luxury just belong together.”

Since Leslie spends so much time getting to know her clients before creating a design for them, she really gets in touch with what is important to them in design, but also what will work for the way they and their family live.

Learn more about Leslie’s eclectic style and more about her design career. Click here to read the full Maine Home + Design article.

February 26th, 2013 by Leslie Curtis

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