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My Southern California Trip

May 17th, 2013 by Leslie Curtis
Pool time with our granddaughter in Ojai

Pool time with our granddaughter in Ojai

First stop Jamal’s Rugs…Pat McCann, antique textiles, 20th century design and antiques….Plus the usual delicious flan, Sweet Lady Jane’s, plus the mixed berry bread pudding and chocolate flan w/mocha whipped cream, brownie sandwich with imported chocolate filling…Last but not least,┬áRaoul’s textiles retail showroom, indian textiles, clothing, accessories at Tienda HoAs always, LA is exhilarating and exhausting. Thank goodness for my list of must visits!

First stop at Jamal’s Rugs on La Cienega. So many exquisite carpets in so many styles. Ancient antique treasures, mid century Swedish & Danish rugs, colorful Kilims . It is an over abundant feast for the eyes. Even the most contemporary designs are beautiful. I have to visit at least three times over the following days just so I can absorb a little of what Jamal shows me. I would love to take a hundred or more rugs for our store in Camden. I end up sending about fifty rugs back east. Keeping in mind beauty & budget.

Walking from Melrose Ave north on La Cienega is a little like walking through a magazine. The store windows are stylishly done. Whether it’s fashion or home furnishings, the LA flair is definitely present on La Cienega. One of my favorite stops is Hollywood at Home. There are two stores within a block of each other and both are an education in style. The staff is in both places are very helpful & imaginative. They have great textiles, accessories, and furniture. No ho-hum here! Also, right next door is Pat McGann’s space. A dream stop for antique textile lovers and the quirky piece of furniture that will make a room just that much more special. I had the good fortune to stop by when Pat was there and we had lots to chat about. She is generous in her sharing of experience and knowledge. Her space is a definite inspiration!!!

I had to stop at Sweet Lady Jane’s on Melrose, for a decadent & delicious dessert to continue my adventure. There is something about her magical recipes for cakes, tarts, flans and her berrylicious bread pudding with gobs of real whipped cream. Fortified we all carry on our exploration into various fabric showrooms on La Cienega and west on Melrose to the Pacific Design Center. I was saddened to see that so many of the showrooms are empty. But, at the main entrance you can access the David Sutherland showroom and that is a definite treat. A really beautiful showroom with friendly staff and a line of lighting that will knock your socks off!

My next day trip was to Pasadena. If you can believe it, I made a day of Susanne Hollis’s incredible showroom which is HUGE! Here is a place where you look for an hour or so and then go outside for a deep breath and plunge back in. This went on for hours and it was fun. From 18th century Chinese chests to mid century modern, from the smallest real turtle shell to the very large mixed metals crab sculpture (for the right table top) to the fabulous Ethiopian walking sticks her accessories are magical! We had a wonderful adventure in this space. Brian was our guide through it all and we couldn’t have been happier.

Our next foray will be up to Santa Barbara for the day.